Six Contractor Hiring Tips
How to Manage Your General Contractor – Dos and Don’ts
5 Qualities of a Commercial General Contractor
Why Use A General Contractor?

7 Ways to Cut Your Kitchen Remodel Bill 40% or More

7 Ways to Cut Your Kitchen Remodel Bill

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where everyone likes to stay and chat, have a snack and a cup of coffee, so doing a great kitchen remodeling is always a good idea, especially because of the fact that it is one of the best remodelling to be done in a house, since it increases price and costs so little, especially if you have the right general contractor. But if your kitchen is in need of some changes, but the budget …

Knowing What to Do if Something Goes Wrong with Your Kitchen Remodelling

kitchen remodellingWhen you begin kitchen remodelling, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. It is not only a time consuming task when you are considering some home improvement, but can also have a lot of hidden problems. All things that you will need to take into account when you are kitchen remodelling.

Points to Consider when Kitchen Remodelling

  • Measurements – always double check your measurements. You don’t want to spend hard earned cash on units that will not fit the new design for

Four Tips for Hiring a General Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Projects


Dealing with a commercial construction project can be made a lot simpler with a good general contractor. Whether you are looking to install a fancy new bathroom in the office, want a complete overhaul of the building, or want your driveway ripped up and replaced, a reputable contractor makes it a less stressful experience. The guys at Designer Premix know this first hand, as they’ve enlisted the help of countless contractors in the past. However, these things are not to be taken lightly, you …

How to Manage Your General Contractor – Dos and Don’ts


Handling a general contractor in American can often be something that many hate doing. You can be fooled into believing everything will work itself out but actually no, there needs to be some rules set out so that you and your contractor both know where you stand. However, things can run smoothly when you know a few dos and don’ts of handling your contractor. Learn how to manage your general contractor.

Do Establish a Good Relationship

When you choosing a contractor to handle your …

5 Qualities of a Commercial General Contractor

commercial general constructor

Using a general contractor is becoming more and more popular today however; many aren’t too sure whether they are the people for them. It’s hard to know who to turn to when you want to get a new kitchen or bathroom installed but a general contractor is an important person to consider. However, what makes a contractor a good contractor? What are the five qualities of a commercial contractor you need to know?

The Contractor Knows What They Are Doing and Have Knowledge of

Why Use A General Contractor?

general contractor

Kitchen and bathroom renovation projects are amongst the biggest home improvement work of today however they are important areas of the home. No one wants to have a rundown bathroom or kitchen and they are some of the popular areas of the home. More time is spent in the bathrooms and kitchen than in most other parts so it’s especially important to have these areas perfect. However, many aren’t too sure why they need to use a general contractor for these projects, so why …

Six Contractor Hiring Tips

contractor tips

Choosing to remodel or improve their home is typically an easy decision for most homeowners. It’s the whole having to find and hire the well-qualified contractors that makes most homeowners think twice about things. While screening and qualifying your own contractors is not easy, it’s really the only way to ensure that you hire well-qualified contractors and don’t end up regretting the day you decided to make improvements to your home. Homeowners aren’t general contractors for the most part but it’s still important to …

How To Inspect And Maintain A Roof


It’s amazing just how many homeowners don’t realize that the roof that keeps them dry during the rainy season actually needs routine maintenance and upkeep. Most roofing contractors. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to extend the life of your roof is to regularly inspect it and I’ll go over briefly what you should look out for but you’ll be astounded at how simple most of this stuff is; at least the inspection process anyway. To inspect …

Basement Remodeling Ideas


More and more households are looking to basement renovations as an option for adding additional living space to their existing homes. A family with a basement has several options for what to do with their basement and we’ll look at several options here.

Library or Study

A basement is a great place to start a library. Most importantly the darkness that is conducive to a basement is the ideal storage space for your books. The best looking libraries that we’ve seen feature book shelves …